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Fall 2024!

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Every Dog at Orion Retreat will...
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We Care About the Community & The Environment
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We strive to enhance the lives of dogs by providing a complete, nurturing environment for the growth and emotional well-being of the whole dog.
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The next best place to home!

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What makes Orion Retreat and Daycare Special.

Orion Retreat and Daycare, Inc. (Orion Retreat) is unique among lodging and daycare facilities in the Asheville, North Carolina area because we understand and recognize all dogs, like humans, are unique and require personalized attention and care plans that specifically cater to them, as individuals.

Some dogs learn fast and play hard while others take their time and enjoy a more relaxing pace of engaging interaction. We recognize that each dog’s circumstances are not the same and warrant a creative, constructive, compassionate lodging and daycare program that best fits them.


Our knowledgeable pet care team takes time to get to know you and your dog. We identify personality traits, habits, lifestyle, prior experiences, abilities, behaviors, and levels of agility so that we can create a program that positively benefits and enhances your dog’s life, as well as your own. 

We include hours of cage-free exercise and communal interaction that is crucial to your dog’s well-being. If your pup loves playing with friends then we can introduce her into one of our safe, structured play groups.

Facilities & Amenities

Over 11,000 sq ft of play space accommodate dogs of all sizes so there is ample room to run and socialize.

Inside, Play Zones have rubberized flooring for cushioned support. Outside zones are finished with eco-friendly K9 Grass™ that breaks down liquid waste before it enters the stormwater system.

Amenities include ample shade, cooling fans, agility equipment and quality interaction with staff members.

Wading pools and cabana-style misters will help them stay cool on warm summer days. When your pup needs some “me” time, she may retreat to her private suite for some one-on-one attention from our caring staff.

Orion Retreat’s lodging accommodations provide a spacious, home-like experience. Private Luxury, Superior, and Junior Suites are designed with comfort, cleanliness, and safety in mind.

Canine quiet rooms with added insulation are available as well.

Individual elevated dog beds provide orthopedic, chew proof, easy to clean resting space for extended stay comfort. Upgraded bedding adds another extra layer of comfort and joint support.

Indoor/Outdoor play zones are separated by motorized roll up doors for easy access that maximize play opportunities no matter the weather.


K-9 Grass is the artificial grass designed specifically for dogs. With its exclusive flow-through backing, short dense blade structure, and antimicrobial protection that breaks down liquid waste before it enters the stormwater system, K-9 Grass offers a cleaner, safer, better environment for pets.

Ashland Privacy Fence

Reinforced, Durable Construction

Constructed with galvanized steel and proprietary Linear Low Density Polyethylene Plastic.

High Caliber Wind Rating

Wind Certified to 130 MPH. This fencing is certified according to Florida building code to withstand between 110-130 mph winds.

Noise Canceling

Fence panels have an STC rating of 26, which means they can block up to 98% of sound pollution.

Built to Handle Extreme Temperatures

The fence contains UV inhibitors to keep colors looking like new even in temperatures as low as -40º and up to 140º.

Damage Resistant

Durable and resistant to potential inflicted damage. To remove dirt, graffiti, or stains simply use a power washer.

Lasts a Lifetime

Adds privacy and beauty to property and landscape. The fence will never need painting or staining; nor will it warp, fade, or crack. Creates security thats also aesthetically pleasing.

Environmentally Friendly

These fence panels are all approved as green products. The fence panels are made with recycled and/or recyclable  plastic. Go Green and save our forests!

Made in the USA

Ashland Privacy Fence is made in the United States of America.

  • A flushing dog toilet.
  • The Powerloo is Eco-friendly and made in the United States of America.
  • No more plastic bags.
  • Sanitary and effective new method of pet waste removal.
  • The materials used to manufacture the Powerloo were chosen for their low negative impact on the environment and for their durability and dependability.
  • The powder coated finish uses non volatile compounds and a pressure assist unit to conserve water.
  • Each flush from Powerloo only uses 1.6 gallons (6 liters) of water to propel the waste into the sewer system.
  • Powerloo is designed to safely and effectively remove dog’s solid waste directly into the sewer system which is managed at a water treatment facility where it is treated and recycled (just like human waste).


Architectural Plans

Construction Progress

The Orion Retreat experience is tailored to each and every pet with all of their needs and wants considered.

Your pet’s preference is our passion!